Mountain Pool

Pool Maintenance

Proper pool maintenance and chemical balance are most assured by having multiple trained Certified Pool/Spa Operators on staff and available. Our management team is on call 24/7 to answer questions and support all staff including maintenance personnel, lifeguards, gate attendants and swim instructors.  Proper pH balance and chlorine content in the pool can change rapidly depending on outside influence from bather usage or weather.  It is our guarantee that each pool is checked for proper chemical balance through the duration of the swimming season. We follow state health code regulations for safety and health issues, as well as pool chemistry parameters and guidelines.


Lifeguard Training

All lifeguards are certified by American Red Cross. Lifeguards must take an extensive class that involves water skill testing and a written exam in order to be certified to lifeguard at any swimming pool.

Lead lifeguards are placed at all lifeguard pools and perform lead duties as follows but not limited to scheduling lifeguards, maintaining lifeguard duty checklists, swim lesson enrollment, daily chemical checks, payroll duty and planned lifeguard in-service and Lifeguard Skill Challenge Checks through the course of the summer. Lead lifeguards as well as lifeguard supervisors check on all lifeguards while on duty to ensure that skills and observation of the pool and surrounding area is being monitored correctly. o Lifeguards are welcomed to our business through an extensive orientation that involves training on customer service, expectations from prompt arrival to daily duties, swim lesson instruction, liability concerns, communication skills and disciplinary action plans. Lifeguards are given every opportunity to be successful.

Absolute Pool Management recognizes the ‘Human Factor’ and realizes that mistakes will happen as none of us are perfect.  However, we dedicate our business to continual observance, checks and balances and prevention to give favor to as little error as possible.

Pool Reservations

Swim Lessons

At APM we feel that swimming is one of the most important skills a person can learn, and we offer lessons to HOA residents at their neighborhood pool.  Our curriculum is designed to help children grow as swimmers by teaching them how to be safe and providing them the skills they need to be comfortable and confident in the water.  We offer group, semi-private, and private lessons with our group class size a maximum of 5 students per instructor.  This allows us to provide a supportive and safe environment for all children to learn. It is our goal to give children the best opportunities to be safe and enjoy the water for life.  If you are interested in lessons, please contact us at


Pool Parties

Interested in having a summer pool party?  APM does scheduling for HOA resident pool parties.  All pool parties are subject to approval by HOA Board/APM and are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation e-mail or telephone call from a member of the Absolute Pool Management supervisory team.  We ask that you schedule parties with APM 2 weeks in advance to help us ensure that no parties overlap or scheduled at the same time.  Parties may not take place on opening weekend, holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), or on entire association event days.  We do not close the pool down for your party.  No private events.  If you would like to book a party at your pool or have any questions, please contact us at